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"How I transformed our ordinary ho-hum Garden
into a breath-taking garden-of-delights...over just one weekend!!"

If you want a garden that makes people go "Wow!"...Here's the secret. For few thousand dollars, you can build your own beautiful gazebo, pergola, hot-tub gazebo or patio gazebo, and choose from a wide array of lovely garden statues, garden water features and more to transform your garden into a piece of a matter of days!

These beautiful landscape features provide year-round appeal, they're great for entertaining and easy to build using nothing but basic skills and a few hand tools. If you choose well, they will last a lifetime!

Now, realize that all DIY gazebo kits are not made equal and most often, you DON'T get what you pay for. Dealers cut corners and bill standard items as extras. Luckily I had the sense to compare the gazebo kit contents and pergola kit contents carefully before I placed my order.

The call that transformed my Garden

Here's my story. I just retired and wanted to celebrate my 60th birthday with our closest family and friends. They were coming from as far as Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sydney, Northern NSW, Adelaide, Perth, New South Wales and Queensland. My wife Jane and I planned a beautiful outdoor party, but there was a hitch. Our garden is small and rather boring. The view is lovely and we enjoy gardening, but we never had time to fuss over our garden.

Someone recommended Tropical Lifestyle for thier deals on gazebo kits, pergolas and other garden furniture. I dialed the number 1300 788 929 and asked right away...
"We're having about 40 people over and I want to transform our garden into a lovely and comfortable party venue. Can you help?"

They said they could. They asked a few simple questions, about the plan of our house and garden, our budget and quickly sized up our individual taste and needs. Then they pointed me to their online selection of gazebo pictures, their patio gazebos, DIY pergola kits, DIY gazebo kits, , pergola kits, garden benches and more. Together, Jane and I sat down to review their exhaustive collection. We made many calls and discussed freely about the customization and changes we needed.

Getting Products ready to Ship

DIY Gazebo kits Customized for you!

Tropical Lifestyle went the extra mile to make their DIY gazebo kits and pergola kits just right for us. They offered customizations that others wouldn't even consider. In fact, many of our 'extra requests' were covered in their standard kit. They had the best deals hands down so it surprised me how happily they accommodated us. They say they manufacture in their own factory and ship to customers all over Australia, so they can be very competitive. Makes sense to me!

Check what's included in your Gazebo Kit

Here's what I got:

Pre cut, pre stained or pre painted frame work – I've compared the materials with other kits and Tropical Lifestyle is the finest quality hands-down.
Industry leading Bali kicker system – hidden joins, more overhang , longer lasting thatch.

Correct roofing material – Thatching, Colorbond, African reed, Rosewood, shingles and modern roofing, and more the choice is yours.

Any cupola, crown, ridge tiles, finials required to make the DIY kit look authentic – most dealers charge extra for this, thankfully Tropical Lifestyle included my choice as standard. This special touch makes for an authentic look and style.

Galvanised Batten Screws to screw your new DIY gazebo together.

Galvanised bolts, nuts and washers.

Correct size and length posts you require – generally 3.0 m. Most dealers offer 2.4 m long posts - imagine the height you lose when you install each post in the ground.

Touch up stain – Premium stains such as Bristol or Sikens add years to your structure. Many dealers use low quality Cooee or other no-name brand stains, which last mere months.

Screws or fasteners to fit your hips or ridge – Colorbond roofs will be colour matched to your roof colour.

Engineered design – Many DIY gazebos in the market are not engineered. This can cause you safety problems down the track. Don’t risk your family's well being and safety.

Detailed instructions – normally around 35 pages. One of my friend's had his gazebo arrive with a tiny leaflet and had to hire a contractor to install. Luckily we faced no such problems with Tropical Lifestyle. Their kits are designed and pre-fabricated for people with minimal handyman skills.

100% Money-Back Guarantee

The DIY gazebo kit is pure genius and comes with a 100% Money-Back Guarantee. Installation is a breeze - most of the work is already done for you! That's very important to me, because my handyman skills are pretty basic. It was my first DIY outdoor gazebo project and I pulled it off with flying colours! In fact, I still can't believe how beautiful it looks, the wonderful moments we have enjoyed - our garden looks so special.

Getting Products ready to Ship

Breath-taking Gazebos, Arbors and Pergolas!

They delivered right on time and with their experts on call, I set about the task of installing everything with the help of a neighbour, an a mature handyman like myself.
In two days, we transformed our boring ho-hum garden into a visual delight!

Before the party, my wife did her own magic, decorating the arbors with ribbons and flowers, hanging beautiful satin curtains on the gazebos and pergolas and tying matching satin ribbons on the garden benches, tables and other garden furniture.

I had chosen a unique Bali-style gazebo which beautifully accents my garden plants and seats several people in comfort. Decked with fresh seasonal flowers and satin ribbons, the arbors looked like gateways to heaven! We transitioned the party area gracefully into the garden with a well-positioned patio gazebo, to highlight the lovely view from our garden. We turned it into a make-shift bar and it was an instant hit!

Our guests gasped and wondered if we had blown up our retirement savings on our lavish garden. We laughed and said we had built everything with our own hands, in one busy weekend! It rained compliments all evening and at least 10 people asked for the number of our gazebo dealer. Here it is, in case you're looking for an affordable gazebo (outdoor gazebos are their speciality and they have all shapes and sizes of them - all-weather gazebos, cedar gazebo, Bali style outdoor gazebo, you name it), DIY garden pergola kits, patio pergola, garden arbor's all there: 1300 788 929

In fact, I'm secretly planning to gift Jane a gorgeous hot tub gazebo for her upcoming birthday (isn't that incredibly thoughtful and romantic of me ;-)

Plan your Gazebo Project

I filled out a simple form with check-boxes to mark my needs. They got to work right away and called back within 48 hours. They knew what gazebo styles and pergola designs of would fit our budget and our plan. They quickly sized up our needs and available space and offered to have engineers available at our site.They knew where we could save money and how to accommodate our individual needs. They discussed kit contents, standard services and inclusions and extras. From start to finish, there were no guessing games, no nasty surprises.

Remember, it's not enough to choose the right kind of gazebo and pergola. It's equally important how you position it and incorporate it in the landscape, to add a unique and practical component to your outdoor space. With the wide variety of pre-fab DIY pergola kits and gazebo kits and arbors, you can bring out the best in your outdoor spaces at an affordable cost.

Top Deals and Gazebo Suppliers in Australia

I discovered that Tropical Lifestyle are among the biggest gazebo manufacturer and supplier in Australia, having built thousands of gazebos, pergolas, arbors of all types and specifications for homes and commercial projects. But, here's the best part. Their DIY gazebo deals are so attractive, they have shipped to customers as far as Brisbane, Sydney, Mackay, Cairns, Northern NSW, Tweed, Sunshine Coast, Adelaide, Darwin, Perth and even remote areas like Blackwater, Yeppoon, Rockhampton and just about every other area in Western Australia, Northern Territory, South Australia, Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland.

They have even shipped to Broken Hill and Halls Creek No matter where in the world you're located, chances are, they can beat your nearest gazebo supplier with the best gazebo deal for your needs. Given that, it's surprising how quickly you can get hold of one of their experts to answer almost any challenge you can throw their way!

Getting Products ready to Ship

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Can't decide? I've been there. Your gazebo is an investment of a lifetime. That's why I insist on a Guarantee - my DIY gazebo kit came with 100% Money-Back Guarantee. In fact, I opted for one of their installment plans which allowed me to pay it off over 24 months.

Avoid Beginners' Mistakes

Most home owners fail to fully realize the potential of their outdoor spaces, because they don't have the right know-how. Now you can just pick up the phone and ask for Free instructions on how to plan and build beautiful gazebos, pergolas, arbors and other architectural add-ons. Make the most of the beautiful outdoors, add value to your home and enjoy the rewards of your DIY gazebo project for years!

Take the first step and fill up our online form, or better yet, call us for free advice and quotes.

1300 788 929

You will learn a great deal about choosing the right gazebo for you, what to watch for, how to compare and the money you stand to save. Get the edge by having the right advice from the start. Let's Talk!

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